Reduce Accessibility Barriers, Instantly.

We are a team dedicated to making the web a more accessible place for everyone.

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Don't Have a Website?

Add accessibility features to every website you visit by downloading our browser extension.

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How Do We Help?


  • Customize fonts, boldness, character spacing, word spacing
  • Text to Speech (20+ voices, speed settings)
  • Dyslexia Ruler (modify color, height, opacity, and type)


  • Summarise webpages
  • Text to Speech (20+ voices, speed settings)
  • Remove distracting content (images and animations)
  • Letterbox Ruler dims content not hovered on by the mouse

Irlens Syndrome

  • Add tints to websites
  • Modify color contrast

Low Vision

  • Modify color contrast
  • Customize fonts, boldness, character spacing, word spacing
  • Magnifier (doesn't reset on new pages)
  • Mouse modification (color and size)

Limited Motor Skills

  • Page structure generation (helpful with non-mouse input)
  • Content magnifier (Increases click areas)
  • Pause animations on a page

Assisitive Technologies

  • Page structure generation
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About Us

Our Vision: To create a world with universal access to knowledge and full participation in culture.

Ascend was started by Ryan Kelly after noticing several accessibility barriers that were preventing his friends from using the web. He got to work and built a website plugin for organizations wanting to improve their accessibility compliance (AODA, ADA, WCAG 2.1). This helped his friends a little bit, but it still wasn't the optimal approach as it would only be on pages that decided to use it. As a result, he also built it as a browser extension which allowed friends to run the software on every website they visited.








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