We've put some tutorials together to help you get started.


Our font selection menu gives you full control over the text. Clicking on the drop down menu followed by your font of choice will change all text on the page. You also have the option of changing the boldness of text to one of your liking. If you are unsatisfied with your current selection, you can change your font at anytime and it will apply automatically.


The Contrast function gives you the ability to customize a website in colours more suited to your needs. After selecting your preferred Text, Background, and Link colours, you simply need to hit the "Enable" switch to apply your settings. This function can be used in conjunction with the Fonts menu to further enhance your experience.


The Ruler and Overlays menu makes content easier to absorb by adding focus to the page. Available in 10 high contrast colours, you can move the ruler along the page to assist in browsing the web. You can choose to darken or lighten the ruler in the "Transparency" menu. Alternatively, the letterbox function replaces the ruler to alleviate stress from your eyes and show you only what you are hovering over. This is also customizable in the transparency tab.


Built for people with Irlen syndrome, The Overlay function puts a thin film of the colour of your choice over your screen. You can change the colour at any time, and to turn off, just click the colour you are currently using.


Our technology filters out unnecessary animations on a webpage, and leaves you with only the essentials. This site before you is designed beautifully and elegantly, but could be distracting for those with learning disabilities. At Ascend, we are trying to level the playing field for everyone. With the flick of a switch, this site immediately becomes more accessible.